dFab Staff 2017-2018

Research Assistant 2017-2018


Eric Rivera Barbeito - BFA General Fine Arts '17

Integrating a multimedia approach to his practice, Rivera Barbeito taps into a diverse field of art-making processes to give visual representation to concepts centering around the present condition of his home country, Puerto Rico. Aside from making objects considered by some to be art, he enjoys meeting friendly dogs on the street, talking to his plants, and the occasional cold glass of coconut water.

Student Techs 2017-2018


Allan Doyle



Margaret Garrison



Kilynne Higgins



Erin Kirchner

Erin Kirchner is a BFA in Fiber candidate from Atlanta, GA who represented MICA in the 2017 Biodesign Challenge and worked as a Design Intern for the Shima Seiki Lab at Drexel University. Kirchner’s interdisciplinary practice stems from an inherent desire for innovation and expressing personal revelations. Kirchner dreams of one day attending a baseball game at every MLB stadium in North America and enjoys surrounding themselves with bright colors and whimsical patterns. erinkirchner.com


Mika Rosenberg



Rachel Rusk



Dani Toral



Katie Wolfe

Katie Wolfe is from Houston, Texas and is currently pursuing a double major in Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Art History, Theory and Criticism. Wolfe's interest in the field of museum education has led her to hold internships at the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston and the Baltimore Museum of Art. In her studio work, Wolfe incorporates 3-D printing and laser cutting to create molds for cast ceramics and sculpture.