Digital Fabrication

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It's been a fun ride!

Thanks to all the students, staff, and faculty who crossed my path over these past 8 years at MICA. I genuinely appreciate the time I got to spend here as the Digital Fabrication Studios Manager.

When I look around the shop, I can’t help but feel melancholy. Everywhere I look there are the memories. This shop was built with love, by people who love their work. Many of you who worked in the shop probably still have work hanging on the walls, or spontaneous groupings of scrap stashed in strange places. This fills me with joy as I'm packing up to move out. Thanks to all those too numerous to name who have contributed, and thanks in advance to those who will contribute in the future.

I’ll continue teaching adjunct, but my focus will be on making sculpture. We had a great run, but now it’s time for me to pursue other things.

Moving forward, please direct any shop related questions to Benjamin Kelley at bkelley(at) My last day as manager is June 10. I will continue to host the content that you're probably looking for right now on this page, my faculty web space, in a similar format.