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Control Tips | Operators Manual

Controler Notes


[Shift] + [F1] (will save capture to USB if avaliable, hard drive if not)
fliename + [Shift] + [F1] (will save capture to USB with a file name)

Save a copy of the current program

onnnnn + [F2] will create a copy of the current program

Save a program created in the MDI

[HOME] then onnnnn + [ALTER] will save the current program in memory

Zero "Distance to Go" Values

Press: EDIT or MENU
All axis now zero on DIST TO GO

Zero "Operator" Value(s)

Press: HANDLE JOG, choose unit and axis
Press: CURRENT COMMANDS + PAGE UP until large digit display is shown
Jog to Operator zero location, one or more axis at a time
Change axis or units to get close
Do one of the following:

Change "Work Zero Offset" Value From Text Buffer

Use OFFSET to make "Work Zero Offsets" active
Use directional keys to highlight the value you want to change
Enter the new value and press F1
To add or subtract from the current value, press ENTER

Set Multiple Work Zero Offsets at Different Heights

Set the dial indicator at about 15 degrees
Find Z zero on gague block
POSITION - Position - Operator screen should be white
ORIGIN, to zero operator value
Jog to first work zero (Z only)
Zero indicator on vice or other work zero location
Press OFFSET 2x and highlight Z value on first work offset
Enter OPERATOR value and press F1

Setting 36 - Program Restart

Set on and Haas control will scan program for all needed codes and activate them before starting mid-way through file. We always leave this on.


G83 I1 J.5 K.25;(good starting point for .25" drill bit)
Rule of thumb :I=4xd, J=2xd, K=d