dFab Staff 2019-2020

Studio Manager


Ryan McKibbin

Ryan played a large role in designing dFab in 2014 after coming to MICA from CUArch where he served as Fabrication Labs Director and as Faculty Advisor for Fabrication of Team Capitol DC’s Harvest Home in the 2013 Solar Decathlon. A skilled woodworker, designer and fabricator, Ryan is nationally respected in the field of Digital Fabrication.

Research Assistant


Kathy Guo - BFA Fibers '19

Kathy Guo is an interdisciplinary maker, working with wood, fibers, and emerging digital tools. Her practice involves making playable objects that are about culture, relationships, family.Through her work, she seeks to amplify the emotions around unique socio-political cultural happenstances or universal human experiences.

Student Techs


Michael Ash - Rienhart Sculpture



Tyler Brunner - Interdisciplinary Sculpture

I grew up in Boynton Beach Florida and primarily concern myself with sculpture and sound. My favorite things to do are perform music and camp with my friends


Joshua Frick - Interdisciplinary Sculpture

I am an Interdisciplinary Sculpture major who grew up right here in Baltimore. My work covers a range of subjects from the fundamentals of art such as texture, color, and shape, to the dissection and abstraction of the human form. Throughout my practice I pride myself on my precision and quality craftsmanship. My current favorite medium is the lightbulb.


Yiyi Han- Interdisciplinary Sculpture w/ concentration in Ceramics

I love exploring different materials and having them visualize my personal experience and imagination. Every new thing amazes me in its own way. I'm a freshman to sculpture and looking forward in more experience of making 3-D arts.


Carmen Jimenez - Interdisciplinary Sculpture

I'm Carmen, a fresh n' funky fabricator. My major is Interdisciplinary Sculpture with a concentration in Sustainability and Social Practice. At MICA, you can find me in Station Building working on Rhino, sewing in the fibers loft, or reading on the hill when the sun comes out!


Simon Knowler - Interdisciplinary Sculpture

Born and raised in the suburbs of New York, always knew I'd end up art school. My goal for school is to learn more skills beyond perfectly roasting a marshmallow.


Grace Kwon - Fibers

Hi! My name is Grace Kwon. I am an interdisciplinary artists interested in fiber, interactive arts, digital fabrication, and bio-fabrication. I am invested in themes such as translations, language, cognition/linguistics, cultural gaps, and cultural preservation through digital methods.


Joy Li - Interdiciplinary Sculpture w/concentration in Theatre and Photo

Joy Li is a interdisciplinary artist from Shenzhen, China. She is a sophomore year interdisciplinary sculpture major with a theatre concentration and a photography concentration.

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